How To Download YouTube Video To Mp3 On Android and PC

How To Download YouTube Video To Mp3 On Android and PC
How To Download YouTube Video To Mp3 On Android and PC

Hi, I am RD Singh, You might be getting into a situation where you want to download a video from YouTube and save it to on your computer or your mobile phone so there are many apps or tools to download that video from YouTube as I told you in my previous article But if you want to download only mp3 version of that video then what should you do or how can you download only mp3 format of that video, Don’t worry today I am going to tell you about very simple and easy solution of that problem there are many tools available for android operating system by which we can convert a YouTube File to mp3 or I will also let you know how can you do the same thing on your pc or laptop, But first we discuss about some most commonly used android apps for YouTube to Mp3 conversion.

1. Video to MP3 Converter By Naing Group – This is the most commonly used android app for converting a YouTube video to mp3 and this app having more than l lakh positive reviews on Google app Store so this app is very reliable, for converting video into mp3 you should search your video and select it.

- After finding your video you will get two options output where you have to select the format in which you want your file like mp3 and other option is bit rate where you have to select the bit rate for your audio file like 128 kbps, 320kbps etc.

- After doing the above step you can give a title, artist name etc to your mp3 file and save it to your android device.

2. MP3 Video Converter By Springwalk – This app is most widely used on android devices for converting a YouTube or other videos into mp3 format and the reason that why this app is used so much by users is that it can covert not only YouTube videos but also the other video and for converting your file you should follow a few steps as given bellow:-

- Find the video you want convert and open this app click on select video, select the path where your video is stores.

- Select the format mp3 file in 128 kbps bit rate also here you will get many other options.

- Click On convert and gives a title or name to your mp3 file and save it on your android device.

How to Convert YouTube Video into Mp3 on PC
There are many tools by which you can download your YouTube video in mp3 and l will tell you about most popular tools for the solution of this problem.

1. Clip Converter: - All you need to it is first open the clip converter and pate the URL of your YouTube video.

- Click on mp3 select the size of your video and then click on start.

- Wait for the conversion and click on download and your video will download to your computer.

2. Convert2mp3.netThis is also most widely used online converter for YouTube video to mp3.

- The process is nearly same as the above one you just need to paste your video URL and select the format and then click on convert, wait for conversion and click on download your video will be download to your pc successfully.
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