Organic Search Result - How To Get Better Search Results On Google

What is organic search results? In the internet marketing community this term is used to describe the unpaid (not the search result of a PPC campaign) or natural search results from the keywords that is crawled by search engines via your marketing efforts such as an article that you submitted in an article directory or a blog post optimized with targeted keywords. In other words it is about Search Engine Optimization (SEO). It doesn’t  matter how many times the listing is clicked, organic search results won’t cost the website any money compared to PPC marketing.  See the above diagram to understand what are Pay Per Click Ads and what are Organic Search Results Listings. However, getting to the first page(s) is no small feat, when keyword phrases have over 100K or even millions or tens of millions of competing pages in the search result page.  So, how do the Search Engines determine  rank for relevancy.
If you are aiming long term strategy for your business it is very important to keep things organic.  Like a seed that you plant into the ground over time a small seed of traffic can grow into a great tree of business.  With PPC paid advertising, the moment you stop paying the traffic stops coming.  With SEO you will have a long term flow of traffic that will continue long after you stop investing in it, the hundreds of articles you or your SEO firm wrote will still be in circulation on the internet with a link back to your website.  Once you get your website to the top of the search results, it’s just a matter of maintaining.
Seventy to eighty percent of people ignore paid PPC advertising when they perform a Google search.  Most people who use the Firefox browser actually have these adds blocked.  Do you simply want to lose these clients?  Of course not.

Organic Search Result
How can your site achieve a good organic listing?
You need to write great original content articles and blog posts using relevant keywords placed strategically throughout your page to obtain a good organic ranking. “remember great content is king”

One way to achieve a good ranking is to write articles by putting yourself in your customers’ shoes. Remember that most of the time people are online looking for information to solve a problem, to fulfill a special need or needs, etc. therefore it is vital to give customer accurate most up to date information. Ask yourself does your content answer or give your customer the information they require, or at least entice them to contact you to find out more?

Web pages meta tags are a very important part of ranking well in your organic programming efforts and may need to be configured according to the keywords that you would like to rank well on. Search engines change their search logarithms more often then we like which means you may need to adjust your meta tags accordingly. Good organic search results is what will bring you massive amount of traffic by having your website showing up in the Google top 10 listings.

If you want to have a successful online business you need massive amount of traffic and you  will never get there if you don`t show up on page one in the Google’s top 10 results listings. Only with a definite traffic generating system in place you can be sure to get massive amount of traffic to your website and that we can offer you.
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