How To Move Tumblr To BlogSpot or Blogger

How To Move Tumblr To BlogSpot or Blogger
How To Move Tumblr To BlogSpot or Blogger

Even though you will find plenty of tutorials that tell you how to migrate a blogspot blog to tumblr, its not the same case when you try to move tumblr to blogspot. Though we are yet to see a browser app that let you export all your tumblr posts to blogger directly, the process is still possible if you first use a tool meant to export tumblr to wordpress, using it as a bridge to import your tumblr blog into Blogspot.

How To Move Tumblr To BlogSpot (Blogger Platform)
First of all, use this tool, to export your tumblr blog posts into a XML format, and get them ready for the migration to wordpress [if you want a flawless export, with no half-imported posts or missing ones, read our own tutorial, it may take a while, but it's worth it if you are definitely decided to get your tumblr into blogspot.

Method 1. You might want to try right now using this XML file, go to your Blogger account, and import your Tumblr directly, it does work sometimes. If it does, forget the rest of the steps given below.

Now, its time to create a wordpress account (its free, not a self-hosted version). And once you have it working and validated (no need to create tests posts or anything like that). go to the next step.

Method 2. Sign in to WP, go to Tools >> Import >> and get this file as a WordPress Type import.

Method 3. If the tool above dint work as expected, try importing your Tumblr Blog directly into WP by going to Tools >> Import >> and choosing Tumblr (need to enter email and pass) Once the above migration step is finished, go to the following tool and follow step-by-step the instructions given on the site to finale move your tumblr into BlogSpot.

How To Move Blogger To Tumblr

This tutorial works just the other way around, and in fact is much easier, since there are tools that allow you to it pretty much a straightforward migration.

Method 1. Use this Migration tool in order to get Blogspot into Tumblr.
2. You will need to fill in some fields like your tumblr email and pass, and also your blospot feed.
3. Please, make sure you are actually showing your full posts in blogger by going to Blog >> Dashboard >> Settings >> Site Feed >> Full Feed.
4. Once you finally managed to move your blogger blog into tumblr, change your password in Tumblr.
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