Google + Motorola + Verizon = DROID = iPhone Killer ? Droid Revealed

Google, Verizon and Motorola have come together and they have created Droid, which is being seen as the iPhone killer (may be because of the hype created by iDon’t ads). BGR had its hands onforthcoming Droid (with series of photo), which is expected to be released on Oct 30. They call it an impressive new phone since the iPhone and best Android phone ever. Google is said to have worked very closely with Motorola on the design and development of Droid. Here are the highlights of what BGR has discovered.
Upcoming Android 2.0 will power it.

It is thicker than iPhone 3GS and thinnest QWERTY slider (we have a whole debate on this). Running on faster TI OMAP3430 processor that is also being used by iPhone. It comes with a desktop cradle that can turn it into a “multimedia station” which displays weather, time and the like. (No photo of this accessory). Android needs to pace up their development of apps, there are just 10,000+ apps than compared to 85,000+ apps for the iPhone. What Apple has to do? iPhone needs to come up with multiple carriers so that customers get a seamless 3G connectivity. There is also rumor floating in that Verizon testing a CDMA iPhone for their 4G LTE network amid their aggressive campaign against iPhone. If that’s true then indeed, amazing wit shown by Verizon.

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