Why Google Is Loving Twitter So Much?

Google(more info) endorsed Twitter(more info) in a big way by creating not 1 or 2 but to be exact 45 accounts in Twitter, the micro-blogging service. Google has made a list of accounts in Twitter which they made public in a recent blog post so that the users who are using their products can look for the updates. You can get a whole list of accounts on their official Google Blog. Google has accounts for everything even for Google Arabia for Arabic tweets. However interestingly Google doesn’t have a official account for Gmail, this account @gmail is registered by someone else. I think Google will follow the steps of CNN (more info)  and buy off these accounts. This leads me with the conclusion of this talking point –Does Google want to buy Twitter in order to expand its reach in real-time search? They can but its tough to say now. Its for you to discuss the pros and cons of it.
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