Apple Keynote 2017 Real-time Updates Right Here Right Now

The much hyped and anticipated Apple Keynote is going to kick off within few minutes from now. Fasten your seat belts and get a cup of coffee. Because, we at Tech Dusts will present you the minute by minute updates of the event. Will it be a disappointment or it is going to blow your mind? Just keep on enlivening this page.

ksantani: Steve Jobs arrives at the event with the standing ovation from the crowd. Ohh great!!
ksantani: Jobs says iTunes is #1music retailer in the world with 100 million accounts in 23 countries.
ksantani: The 3.1 update for iPhone and iPod touch is launching today.
ksantani: iTunes 9 is out. Jobs are explaining the new features of iTunes 9 which includes improve synching and genius bar.
ksantani: Schiller says Apple sold 20 million iPod touches.
ksantani: 21,178 games and entertainment titles in the App Store now. Compare that to 3,680 on the Nintendo DS and 607 on the Sony PSP.
ksantani: iPod touch prices slashed to $199 from $249. Now, iPod touch will also come in 64 Gb with a price tag of $399.
ksantani: iPod Classic 120 GB is replaced with 160 Gb with the same price of $249
ksantani: Some Rumours confirmed and some rejected iPod nano to have video camera.
ksantani: iPod Nano to have a FM Radio.
ksantani: Recap: iPod Nano to have Video cam, mike, speaker, Voice over, FM Radio, Pedometer
ksantani: iPod Nano 16gb for $179. 8 GBfor $149.
Mayank Agarwal : Steve gives some really amzaing numbers.
1.8 billion app store download
Mayank Agarwal : 3.1 iPod Touch and iPhone coming.
Mayank Agarwal : Have a look here also Crunch Gear updating almost every 30 sec.
Mayank Agarwal : 220 million iPods sold till now woh!
Mayank Agarwal : No. of songs downloaded from iTunes? Not in millions 8 yes EIGHT billion songs have been downloaded from iTunes music store!!!! I.e. every person on earth has downloaded songs from iTunes at least once & some more world population: 6783086015 iTunes download: 8000000000
Mayank Agarwal : Biggest News of the day : iTunes connects with facebook Twitter!!! As we said earlier. Right on target Wow
ksantani: Jobs says, “We’ve got great teams of people that work really hard to create these products. One of the things that drive us is we, like you, love music. There’s no better way to remind us all than having a live performance.” Enter Norah Jones, who says, “This is the earliest I’ve ever played but its okay.” Laughter and applause
ksantani: The show is over. Norah Jones is performing at the stage.
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