Google Working Out To Monetize Voice : Ringback Advertising

Is Google(more info) planning to bring ads to phones? According to Unwired View, Google has filed a patent application with United States Patent Office called “RingBack Advertising”  which actually lays down the plan for delivering audio ads to any kind of phone system ranging from Voice(more info) to cellular phones. 

What does this actually spell out? This means that you can be served with audio ads during specific times during your call. These times may include when call is on hold, when a  caller is dialing and when the call is suspended via call waiting. The patent also covers that the ads are targeted based on the information about the dialer’s geographic location and interests which can be taken from their profile. There must be an opt-out option (no doubt about it) for those who want to hold there thoughts before talking to someone and don’t get wandered away after listening to audio ads.ArsTechnica talks about the flip side to these services.

It’s clear that the patent covers approaches that could seriously annoy pretty much everyone involved in the process, including the call’s dialer and recipient, and the advertisers that pay for the service.
But if Google can implement it strategically without arousing resentment from users it can go in a big way by opening another income stream for them. I would rather prefer there services under one condition, if they are going to reduce my call rates or make it free.

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