Best Places To Visit In Atlanta

Best Places To Visit In Atlanta

If you are planning to fly to Atlanta, the world’s fastest growing city, then you might be aghast at the vastness of Atlanta’s tourist attractions and might be wandering what to do in Atlanta. Atlanta vacations are fun and affordable, if you do a bit of homework and choose which side of Atlanta you would really like to discover; cultural, social, religious, historic or a bit of all. Whatever be your choice, Atlanta has it all. From the typical family holidaying destinations to the fun-filled joyous night life spots, Atlanta is indeed a tourist’s heaven.

Culture and art in Atlanta

Atlanta city’s cultural heritage is a blend of cultural practices and art forms from centuries past. Atlanta is a place where the world’s most elegant theaters and play culture developed. And not to mention, this city has a plethora of art museums, which exhibit extraordinary works of gifted artists of both today, and yester years. This is one of the options for what to do in Atlanta.

If you are a true art lover, then it is sure that The Breman heritage & Holocaust museum, the Atlanta Shakespeare’s tavern, the Chastain park amphitheater, the starlight six and the fox theatre will fascinate you. Atlanta also possesses a rich music background.

Historic attractions in Atlanta

Atlanta shares strong ties with its past. If you are a history lover and are confused about what to do in Atlanta, then the Oakland Park and cemetery, Roswell antique market, Martin Luther King, Jr. historic site, Atlanta cyclorama, Decatur square, and the historic west end are a few of Atlanta’s sought after historic locations.

Nature and beauty

The nature’s beauty comes alive in Atlanta’s natural heritage sites, inviting beaches, aquariums and animal museums, lush lawns and parks, wildlife parks and stone mountains. The kangaroo conservation center, zoo Atlanta, Stone Mountain Park, Piedmont Park, Grant Park, Georgia aquarium and the Atlanta botanical garden are Atlanta’s natural beauty sites.

Religion and worship in Atlanta

Elegant churches are a common sight in Atlanta and one who visits Atlanta should certainly see in person the divinity associated with the Atlanta places of worship. Discover the divine experience here of what to do in Atlanta. The popular worship houses in Atlanta are Ebenezer Baptist church, Big Bethel AME church and Wheat Street Baptist church. The city houses several Jewish and Greek worship places too.

If you are further wandering what to do in Atlanta, then you might need to experience Atlanta’s shopping malls, night life, sports, festivals galore of Atlanta and you will soon find a reason to love being in Atlanta.
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