How To Make Money Online Easily Or Work From Home

How to make money online easily or work from home

Hello guy I am RD Singh from last some days I was searching how to make money online easily or how do I earn from home. I was searching because I am always tried to found new ways but I know no one tell you how to make money online step by step and I also can't tell you step by step by I will surely tell where from you can learn that thing step by step. 

I am working on internet from past some years and making handsome money and I am an ordinary person who knows what the other person knows about computer. But in some cases people don’t know about how to start pc or how to open Google so that's a very difficult to tell them how to start but noble can start making money online but they need to learn about computer and Internet its took 2-5 to understand what is internet and learn ms office and other programs its help lot to understand.

Basic Requirements to start making money

1. Computer (doesn't matter i3 or i5 or dual core) because I was started by going to cyber cafes.
2. Internet Connection (There you will need minimum 512 kbps speed) because if you want to learn something fast so it’s minimum requirement otherwise you will stuck in buffer on YouTube and slow speed never load page.
3. Basic knowledge of Computer (Yes Internet work don’t want that you have skills to handle oracle or knowledge of c++ or java its good if you know and its help lot to understand but if you don’t know so don’t worry I will tell you very simple works.

Now let’s talk about how to make money online easily.

So guys today I’m going to tell you today about YouTube. Yes it’s a world simplest way to make money online. You already read about how to make money on YouTube or make money by YouTube but how can you start because peoples just tell you you can make money by YouTube but couldn't tell you how to start and please don’t thing I m going to tell you about but I’ll tell you where from you can learn and what you have to learn.

Now let’s start making money and you shouldn't be hyper because sometime its take long time to start making huge money but if you are lucky than you can easily make 500$+ in first month and if you are creative than you will definitely make handsome money. Peoples always ask me what type of video can I make and am it necessary to edit so how can I edit that video and etc... 

So you don’t need any editing tool and don’t need to learn about editing now if you are noble so your primary concern is to start working so don’t think about that just start and how to start just open You Tune and type how to make YouTube channel. 
You will easily find video in your language just type end of the keyword Hindi or Urdu or bangle Tamil deluge etc... 

Examples those were started and making many lakh PM BB ki vines just started 1 year before and making over 10+ lakh PM he is just cracking jokes and now whole India knows him its crossed 1.5 million likes on fb and about 9 Lakh subscribe on YouTube without any promotional. He was edited his videos on Windows movie maker and its inbuilt in every windows and free tool. Now let’s talk about carry minati he is 17 year old guy but now he is on trending but he knows lots about editing but he is just 17. Carry is making video on other video reviews and insulting other channels videos. There are many examples just search and check it if you want to see.

What can you do on YouTube and start making money
1. Just giving reviews its doesn’t matter what is it. You can give a review of movies songs other channel video or any TV show video. You can just recorded the video and upload on YouTube
If Don’t know how to upload video just open YouTube and find good playlist or video which can teach you how to setup YouTube channel and upload video and all things about YouTube channel art branding monetization etc. 
2. Teach people's what you know of you know to complete any game level just teach that because many people are searching for that its required some tools to recorded your screen like bb recorder and similar you can search on Google pc screen recorder tools or software and if you want to teach about mobile games so you can also download mobile screen recorders and upload on YouTube.
3. If you are teacher then you can make video lecture and upload o YouTube. You can use your phone to record video you don’t have to buy slur or any video cam for recording.
4. If you bought something so give a review on it. Just give a review its can be mobile phone dslr laptop camera TV table pen or watch.
5. Make prank video or funny videos.
6. Just watch other people's video and make same video in your voice and style.

Now most important thing how can you make money by YouTube. You have to sing up on Adsense and monetize your video and if you don’t monetize your video you can’t earn money so just open YouTube and watch videos how to monetize YouTube channel or how to monetize YouTube videos with adsense. You can easily get your money in your bank account that your earn on YouTube. 

Hope its help you if you have queries comment below or contact me on Fb.

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