How To Create A Wordpress Blog or Website - Step By Step

How To Create A Wordpress Blog or Website - Step By Step

Hi, I am RD Singh today I am going to tell you about that how can we make a wordpress blog or website, wordpress is one of the best platform for creating a professional blog with all features, the difference between a blogger blog and wordpress blog is that the blogger blog works on sub domain and the wordpress blog works on the main domain like a website and also wordpress having much more features than blogger wordpress having plug-ins for doing different tasks although there some alternatives of wordpress like Joomla, Drupal, Jekyll, Tumblr, CMS Made Simple etc But the most popular is wordpress.
Most of the people are confused with a blogger blog and wordpress blog let’s clear the confusion for a blogger blog you don’t have to buy any domain though you can use blogger template on your domain by some other method we will discuss in some other article But for using a wordpress blog you must have a domain on which you will install wordpress.

Steps To Get a Wordpress Blog (Go daddy Cpanel)

1. You Must have a domain like

2. Login to your C Panel account of your domain with your valid user name or password.

3. In your c panel account click on manage.

4. Scroll down and to web application section and click on Wordpress Blog.

5. After clicking on the above option a pop window will generate and click on Install This Application.

6. After click of the above option you will have to fill some details regarding your blog like Domain name which automatically selected and then directory it will also automatically selected by the way it is optional.

7. There are some more tabs to be filled like version, policies, emails etc fill all the details gently, and click on the INSTALL appearing at the bottom of this page it will take a few minutes.

Your whatsapp will be successfully installed I hope this article will help you to create your own wordpress blog and if you face any problem regarding this article can comment on the comment section of this blog.
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