What Is Blogging & How To Start Blogging - For Beginners

What Is Blogging & How To Start Blogging For Beginners

Hi, I am RD Singh today I am going to tell you “Blogging” most of the people have listen this word throughout their life, blogging is the art of writing articles about anything and now a days a very popular platform by google called Blogger provide us the facility to publish your posts on it and make them visible worldwide, Blogger is one of the most popular platform to share your thoughts, knowledge or skills throughout the world, whether you want to write about your personal life, school life, something what you are good at, tutorials on a selected topic, About health or fitness, you can let other people learn your language, tips & tricks about saving money, how to improve writing skills, animals life, personality development article with video, how to improve your communication skills, even you can your own books, articles, songs, stories, essays, about sports like cricket, horror stories, places to watch all around the world, interior designers etc.

These are a few most common topics picked up for blogging though there are millions of topics to start blogging and its all free of cost you just need an internet connection and anyone can start blogging even you can also earn money from your blog, there is no limit for your earning it will be decided by you that how much you can earn, how brilliant you are, how can you attract users toward your blog because as much as your blog is visit by users, your earning will also be increase simultaneously, So all you need to do is just pick a good topic for start blogging I have given list of some common topics for blogging you can either choose one of them or you can create your own topic something you are good at to start writing on your blog, also there are some other platform for blogging but the blogger is the most popular, vast and efficient platform for blogging.

You should have a gmail account to create an account on blogger and just pick a name for your blog, just start writing nobody can stop you to writing But you have to follow some policies of blogger because if you will not follow the policies of blogger your account may get terminated by blogger.

I hope this article will be helpful to you to understand blogging, you can also pick a topic for writing your own blogs or if you face any problem regarding this article can comment on the comment section we will solve it out for sure.
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