Google First Page Challenge - 100% Working SEO Trick

There was a time before the latest Google Penguin update when a lot of quality back links along with proper on page SEO optimization would give you a Google first page position. These days are gone my friends as the song says.

Google First Page Challenge 
You can spend all your time building back links but it won’t give you a first page position in Google if you lack great interesting and fresh daily content. So instead of putting all your efforts and hard earned cash on back links bonanza, just focus on your on page SEO optimization with proper keyword phrases with the latest Google algorithm change focusing on LSI (latent semantic indexing) method.

What is Latent Semantic Indexing? 
Simply put, it is making sure that your content contains different words that have the same meaning like synonyms to give your main keyword more weight. It’s an indexing method that uses different techniques to sort out the theme of a page. When search engines crawl a page and find these common words, they will automatically identify the main keyword for the page and rank the page accordingly.

As for example and for obvious reasons I am writing this post for the user to enjoy and also to feed the search engines with proper on page SEO. So the keyword phrase I want to rank for is ” Google First Page” so I need to use different wording by keeping similar meaning such as: First Page Of Google or Google 1st Page, first page in Google or Google page one or Google page 1, Google top page, Google first page listing, Google first page advertising, Google first page results, etc. A very easy trick when searching for LSI relevant words all you need to do is type in your main keyword phrases on Google search engine, for example still using my main keyword phrase I would type in : Google first page then I would type just the letter “a” afterward and Google would automatically give me ideas for relevant keyword phrases by adding the word advertising, so an LSI relevant keyword phrases would be: Google first page advertising. You can play around with it by changing the keyword phrase order to give you more results.
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