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In order to get your website listed in the Google top 10 organic search results with  selected keywords in your niche or (sector of activities), an extensive keyword research and analysis has to be executed to find out if it is indeed at all possible to get listed on Google top 10 search results in the first place.  Some niches are so saturated like the finance or weight loss niche that it is next to impossible to secure a spot on the first page of Google with an organic search result. There isn’t any SEO Company that can guarantee you with 100% accuracy that your site will be listed among the Google’s Top 10 search results in your niche. If they do please do yourself a favor and run as fast as you can.

Google Top Ten Listings
SEO pictureWhat our Company can offer you is an honest evaluation of your website if existent, a thorough keyword research about your niche to find out what are the best keywords to compete for, a search engine optimization consultant will analyze the competition to find out who are actually holding the Google top 10 positions for those selected keywords to see if we can bump them over to steal their positions. We will find out how many times a day those selected keywords are actually searched for worldwide and locally.  We will give you a break down of our strategy and a full report on a weekly basis showing improvement in your website ranking. We will build strong back links to your website.

If you want to have a successful online business you need massive amount of traffic and you  will never get there if you don’t show up on page one in the Google’s top 10 results listings. Only with a definite traffic generating system in place you can be sure to get massive amount of traffic to your website and that we can offer you.
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