What Is Google Drive And How To Upload Files On It

Google is quite famous for its various interesting products.A couple of days ago Google officially launched their brand new product named as Google Drive.Today I personally tried this product,and I find it quite interesting.Basically Google Drive is Online File Storage Service and as expected it comes with many interesting features.It offers 5 GB (5120 MB) free storage for registered google users and it is enough for common use.If you are not satisfied, you can buy more storage from Google at a certain cost.Below is the list of packages which google offers.

25GB = $2.49/month (130.96 INR/Month)
100GB = $4.99/month (262.45 INR/Month)
1TB = $24.99/month (1314.26 INR/Month)

How To Upload Files On Google Drive

Another cool feature of Google Drive is you can upload your files directly from your desktop you can also upload them online.Here I am sharing both ways to upload files on Google Drive

Uploading Files Online
Uploading Directly Through Desktop

1. Uploading Files Online 
First go to Google Drive.
Sign in with your Google Account.
Now click on upload icon on your homepage 
Now Right Click on file and go to "Share" and select Share option 
Copy the highlighted link and this is your file link.

2. Uploading Files From Desktop  
To upload files from your desktop you have you have to Download Google Drive software first.Click on the button below to download Google Drive.
Download GD 
Now install software and open it.
Click on the "Upload" icon and upload file from your hard drive.

Right click on the file and choose "Share" option

Now copy the link.This is your public link for downloading the file.

This is all about Google Drive and How to upload files on it ? Drop your queries and comment below in the comment box.And I hope this tutorial will surely help you a little bit to understand Google Drive.Enjoy Uploading,Downloading and Sharing.
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