How To Install Windows 8 or 10 From Pen Drive

Install Windows 8 or 10 From Pen Drive
Install Windows 8 or 10 From Pen Drive

People will laugh at you if you still depending on DVD to load OS. From today no more DVDs, just a pen drive ( USB drive)  is enough to install windows 8. Here we explained the whole process of creating a bootable windows 8 pen drive, with help of this pen drive you can install Windows 8 very quickly in your computer. Its very simple and easy to do, and don't requires any coding knowledge. Now all you have to do is, just scrolling down and reading the whole tutorial which explained step by step, and working on it practically.

Tutorial: Install windows 8 from Pendrive

Things you need to perform this task: Larger than 4gb Pendrive, Windows 8 ISO file, and  Windows 7 USB/DVD Tool
Windows7 USB/DVD Tool Download link:
Step 1: Download Windows 7 USB tool from above link, I know its windows 7 tool but it works for windows 8, so dont think too much and just download it. Dont forget to connect your pen drive to your PC. After the downloading, install it. Now in the first step it asks to select the ISO file that you have like shown in below screenshot, so there select your Windows 8 ISO file. If you dont have windows 8 ISO file? then you need to get it from Microsoft corporation.

install windows 8 from usb
Step 2: Now you are in second step, Here you need to just click on USB device button.

Step 3: In this step, you need to select your Pen drive. After selecting your USB drive, just click on Begin Copying option. 
win 8 2
Step 4: Now it will start the process of making your pen drive into bootable windows 8 drive, it takes several minutes so just be patient. Once its completed the copying process, your pen drive will be ready!
With using that Pen drive, you can install windows 8 very quickly in your computer. To do that, just restart your computer, then boot  from your pen drive to start windows 8 installation.

I hope this article helped you solve your problem, you can comment down below if your have any other problem we will find a solution for it together and keep visiting this site for further updates, I will provide very essential and useful stuff on this site or you will also get solutions of the problems that we face in our daily technical life.
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