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Tuesday, 8 August 2017

A USB Power Outlet That Will Bring USB Port On Your Wall

Many gadgets and portable devices rely upon USB power to charge them selves these days. But inherently power outlets don’t provide an option to charge your gadget directly. That was Until yesterday.. Fastmac has come out with exactly such power socket – TruePower UCS Power Outlet (With Built-in USB Ports). It provides two USB charge ports and two standard 3 pong power outlet ports. The pic below should pretty much explain every thing.

USB Poer Port by Fastmac

Specification of TruePower UCS Power Outlet
TruePower UCS Power Outlet Costs $10 ($9.95) and It can be directly installed on any wall outlet. Though you will have to wait until early next year when it starts shipping. It is going to be a boon for Apple devices like iPod and iPhone as most of them use USB power to charge themselves. Thumbs up to Fastmac for rolling out a commercially available USB power socket!
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