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Wednesday, 9 August 2017

FYI – Windows 7 Surpasses Mac OS X In Terms Of Market Share

We will continue the Windows 7 Vs Mac OS X series. According to Net Applications (a web measurement firm) Windows 7 now holds a market share of 5.07%, which is little higher than the total market share of all versions of Mac OS X (combined). Mac OS X stands at 5%. The statistics are for the last week i.e. Nov 15-21. Due to the launch of Windows 7, the total market share of Windows (all versions) has now increased by 0.12% i.e. from 92.52% in October to 92.64% last week. I don’t know whether this is a good or not so good news for Microsoft.

Why good news? As Windows 7 has surpassed its nearest rival Apple in a matter of just one month. Why not so good news? When you look at the market share of all versions of Windows for the month of October it stands at 92.52%. Out of massive market share of 92.52%, only 5% of users have actually upgraded their Windows machine in a month (that also include new buyers of Windows 7 machine). This is despite the fact that about 70 % of users are still running the age old Windows XP. Why aren’t XP users shifting to latest version of Windows – Windows 7? If you want to take out an inference out of these stats then well… Windows 7 is moving forward (no doubt about that) but not so fast.

You have just read the two sides of this result. But it’s too early to make any conclusions now, with just a month of Windows 7 launch. So, that’s explains why I have used FYI in the heading.
Via Computer World
Image Credits: techmagus
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