Facebook Aspires To Divert The Data From Your Website Into Its Data Stream

Looks like Facebook has really ambitious plans for the future. Facebook aspire to put its stamp on each and every website and then divert their data into its own data stream. Last week when Google announced its search deal with Twitter, I was amazed to see Facebook missing out in the deal. But now I am getting a sense of where Facebook is actually going. Yesterday in its Developer Garage, Facebook shared its future plans with its App developers. One of the most interesting announcements made by Facebook was about the ‘The Open Graph API’. What is Open Graph API? Firstly, Facebook is still working on it and did not clearly outline ever detail about the API. The Open Graph API will power you to wrap around your website with Facebook like features (wall, photo etc…) . This done, any Facebook user visiting your website would then be able to become a fan of the website from there itself. Now comes the most interesting part – all data going in your website (or part of the website using the API) will go into Facebook’s data stream (and the data stream of the fans). 

Facebook solves 2 problems here
1). Website owners will no longer have to go to Facebook and create a fan page
2). Facebook will get a loads of free real time data  , that data which is in no way related to Facebook!
It is kind of innovative and far-seeing idea. With 300 million users in its pocket, just imagine the amount of data Facebook will collect in a day.
Facebook is trying to create its very own Social Search Engine by innovating around their ecosystem. How they are implementing Social Search concept? Facebook is slowly and steadily encroaching into websites. First they developed Facebook Connect, which allow websites to develop a community around their ecosystem. This is actually becoming a default signup for most of the websites. Now with the Open Graph API they are marching ahead in their mission to control the web.

Should Google be worried? Remember the API is not out yet so we cannot be 100% sure about it but if this feature is implemented aggressively and is accepted (like FB Connect) by the web community, then Google will sure have reasons to be worried here.

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Facebook Aspires To Divert The Data From Your Website Into Its Data Stream Facebook Aspires To Divert The Data From Your Website Into Its Data Stream Reviewed by RD Singh on 08:20 Rating: 5
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