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Wouldn’t it be nice if you were able to browse multiple tabs in your browser without actually switching between them?
Why not try a cool new site or Goog4 (4 times google). This new site launched very recently divides your browser page in 4 rectangular frames and opens up in all 4 of them for starters. After this you can proceed with normal browsing on individual frames. The snap shot below should pretty much explain every thing.

Why 4 Google?
Alex and Erty were chatting on Google Talk one night, and Erty wondered if was taken. He jokingly wondered if they could set up a search service for Google itself. Unfortunately, was taken, but Alex pointed out that was available. In an impulse buy, they purchased the domain (Alex already had some hosting) and someone had the idea of putting four Googles on the page. Thus, GoogleGoogleGoogleGoogle was born.

Although I won’t recommend this for heavy browsing primarily because individual frames don’t have many important browser features. In fact it just has 3 buttons as of now – address button, Home page (i.e. and the collapse frame button. Even the address bar pop is not very user friendly as of now. But still it is kinda fun to browse on this! Do check out FAQ page to know more about Goog4. As of now Goog4 does not support following sites
GMail , Twitter, Google Wave, Google Product Search and stackoverflow.
4 different web pages opened on
Erty and Alex (creators of Goog4) have plans to roll out a lot of other features- Check Out their Big List. Also if you like what they are doing then you can support them by sending in your donations(via PayPal).
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