Apple Lied To The US Government? More Evidence (Snapshots) Appear

The following snapshots are the proof of what we said yesterday - Apple lied to the FCC. Last month, Apple replied to FCC stating they have not rejected Google-Voice App & are pondering over it. To make their case more strong (and they have nothing against Google in particular) Apple also gave a list of 3 other Apps which were on hold because of similar reasons. VoiceCentral was one of them. Now, TechCrunch has received a snapshot of the “rejection page” of VoiceCentral App (and yeah Apple is still pondering!). Leave that Google Vs Apple thing and who is actually lying aside. We have a simple point here… Apple for sure lied to FCC, if not about Google-Voice then about VoiceCentral. Why would one build a TRUE (really?) story upon lies ? Apple is simply fooling around with FCC.

The way I read the response from Apple, they hadn’t rejected Google Voice but HAD rejected the other applications listed. I don’t think they were saying that all those apps were in limbo, but that they altered the fundamental user experience of phone/messaging/etc. They said that Google APPEARED to do the same (which was, at best, vague) but didn’t say that the other apps appeared to, they said they did.

I think Apple is threatened by Google Voice at least in proxy for AT&T as they are for Skype and the SMS “bypass” programs out there. I think Google Voice is unique and doesn’t fall into the same categories, but as a new type of product Google probably just needs to be very clear where they’re going with Google Voice. It’s certainly not clear to ME what that product will encompass in 6 months to a year. I keep asking myself how Google’s going to make it profitable.
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