Microsoft Again Found Importing Apple Employees?

According to the reports from The Loop, Microsoft is trying to lure Apple retail store managers with higher salaries to work for its own retail chain which is going to launch this year. The Loop says from some anonymous source
Microsoft has contacted a number of Apple’s retail managers to work in their stores. In addition to “significant raises,” the managers have also been offered moving expenses in some cases.

Microsoft is going to launch its own retail store in California and Arizona (for now) in this fall, which will be in close proximity of Apple Stores and will compete directly with it. There are many perspectives that can come out from this piece of report.

Well thought move from Microsoft as Apple salesperson are considered best in business and its hard to get retail employees with suitable technical knowledge.

Foul-play against Apple:
This is not the first time that Microsoft is luring Apple employees. Earlier there were reports that Microsoft tried to steal some of iPhone developers in order to make application for Zune HD platform.

Mimic of Apple:
Microsoft’s is not only stealing Apple’s employees but also their concept of Genius Bar for their stores by labeling them as Guru Bar.
Is Microsoft a smart corporation or an imitator of Apple or it is just a foul play against Apple? Put your thoughts.
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