Nokia Is Not Taking A U-Turn To Android!

The Guardian in its report had hinted that Nokia is planning to introduce an Android-based smart phone at the Nokia’s World conference in September. But Nokia immediately squashes the speculation about Android Handset. Nokia has more than 40 percent worldwide mobile phone market share but it is losing its market share to other platforms such as iPhone and Blackberry. Last year Nokia bought out remaining 52 percent of Symbian (more info) and made it a free and more open mobile operating system. 

Nokia’s popularity has been dwindling in recent years, and HSBC analysts quoted by the Guardian reckon that the Finnish company has lost Smartphone market share, going down to 31 percent at the end of 2008 (from 47 percent in 2007).These story has created quite a buzz in the market but Nokia in the statement release to Reuters said Nokia denial seemingly seems that it is committed to its strategy of sticking with Symbian, which is the dominant smartphone OS globally. Nokia believes in driving straight!
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