All robots, or what? - sci-fi Stories

The year is 2203, people doing almost no work more manually, everything is done by machines and vending machines. Well, almost everything.

Ninety percent of the adult population is engaged in inventing such machines and vending machines and construct.

The remaining ten percent are busy, keep communication up. After all, should the further development, and management and information are kept in flux.

Housework such as heard in this millennium in the realm of fairy tales and legends.
Is our already cute female robot 210th with the type number we have it from the catalog for ministering robots, division budget. 

There was a small debate between my wife and me. I was able to prevail in this case, however, finally. She wanted a male robot with black hair and dark eyes, the type number 209, but I liked the blond, blue-eyed female Type 210 better. This resulted from the fact that this type had such a sweet streamlined extension of the back and reminded me once again to our first female domestic help Type 201, which unfortunately had a short total loss. She washed my back up one morning and came accidentally under the running shower.
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