Adam and Eva: Epic Love Story

Adam and Eva: Epic Love Story
Adam and Eva: Epic Love Story

One fine day, as God walking through paradise as he thought: 'I welcome what I have created, but I think the world is not quite perfect. “Then a monkey came by and wanted to play with God.

God thought, "Oh, you stupid monkey, whatever you want to play only, cannot you see that the world is not yet complete."
But the monkey liked the world the way it was. He climbed up to God; God kissed her to show him his pleasure. When God looked like a monkey sitting up, he got the idea to create a new creature, which should strive for perfection.

So God formed a new creature after the submission of the monkey, provided it with an upright stance and gave him a new brain. This new brain, he put the idea that the world is not perfect.
When God looked at as the new form, he noticed that he had given the figure of no sex. He kuzerhand pulled his penis from the monkey and attached it to the new creature, and gave the new man named Adam, which means something like: "From-the-monkey-mounted.

Sun leads the penis of a man still be monkeys independent life that has just playing and kissing in mind and this is paradise found. And if the penis of the man straightens up, turns it from a new brain. And so for today's man's world perfectly okay as long as his penis is erect.
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