My first School - Inspiring Stories

My first School - Inspiring Stories
My first School - Inspiring Stories

For the first time my major to the school, Lisa find it exciting. Mama Lisa is awake early, because they must have a bath. Lisa tells Mama that they have abdominal pain. Lisa does not need to say mama, that is because the nerves. Lisa does not know what nerves are, & asks Mom, what are nerves?
Mama told that if you have nerves, that you find something exciting & there you get from abdominal pain. Mama Lisa is in the bath, & then dries her off. Together with mama they do her clothes. First her panties, then her blouse. Then they do her socks, then her sweater & clothes. Mama asked that they forget something? Lisa looks in the mirror, yes! I have my shoes yet. Mama laughs & takes the shoes of Lisa.

Together with mama Lisa goes to bottom & goes to the breakfast table. Mama asked what Lisa wants her sandwich. Lisa looks at the table, it says: sprinkles, jam, cheese, meat & pasta. They pick the cheese & Mama Lisa smears her sandwich. Mama says they must hurry because they must go to school. Lisa quickly eats her sandwich & runs ahead to the peg where Mom is waiting with her coat. They pull her coat, & make a scarf for Mom. So says Mama, now they can go. They go back to Mama & Daddy sit on the bicycle ride away. Along Lisa is much: they see sheep in a meadow, & lots of cars. They wait at the traffic light, a man with a dog passes. Lisa was at school, they get jitters in her belly.

Mama puts on the bicycle in the bicycle school, because you are running. Together they go inside; mom already knows where to go. In the room where Lisa must be a lady is waiting. They give a hand & mama says they called Kim. Lisa gets a hand, Lisa told her name. The lady says: Hi Lisa, you get this first day of school huh! The woman takes Lisa back to the classroom & where they may sit on a chair in the circle. There are lots of more children, bigger & smaller.

If everyone is allowed all children to take turns telling what they have completed in the weekend. Lisa said that they & grandpa & grandma to the farm have been & they have seen pigs & guinea pigs. After everyone has told you what colors & stick to them. Think that Lisa is lovely; they will make a drawing for mom.

Before Lisa knows, the day is already over! Mama Lisa will pick up, & then they drive home together. Lisa home to mom & dad told what they did: I cut & pasted, look! Lisa gives the picture of Mama: for you! Mamma find the drawing well. Lisa says, school is lovely, I need again tomorrow!
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